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Stop, slow down, pay attention: Embracing the Power of Signs in Your Spiritual Journey

Akwaaba: meaning welcome in Twi.

In my early days within the church, I encountered a specific scripture about signs and wonders, along with a warning of "woe unto them." This sparked a profound inner journey that led me to engage in what I now recognize as shadow work/processing. It entailed allowing myself to process each aspect that emerged, accepting every truth that accompanied it, and exploring the origins of the patterns that shaped my experiences. It was tedious and I had to pay attention.

Through this process, I discovered that signs often emerged as confirmations following my thoughts and actions. They were not something I actively sought out; rather, they served as guideposts, helping me to settle into the choices I had made. This realization revealed the interconnectedness of my intentions and the world around me, offering a deeper understanding of the power of manifestation and self-awareness.

Over time these were no longer questions for me. I'd see the signs and know. Yet, that could sometimes catapult me into overthinking. I would now take the sign and wear "it" out with a thousand thoughts on the matter, instead of just seeing and taking the next step.

To me, it was me thinking out/weighing all options before making a move. Overthinking, a trait that, while seemingly beneficial, hindered my connection with my Higher Self and the universal wisdom within me. I came to understand that excessive analysis prevented me from being at peace with what was already known at a deeper level, stifling my ability to simply be and flow with life.

It was through this awareness that I discovered the transformative power of letting go and allowing life to unfold naturally. By releasing the need for absolute control and embracing a state of receptivity, I found that signs and synchronicities presented themselves more readily, guiding me along my path.

I've learned that signs are not merely external phenomena to be sought out, but rather reflections of our intentions and the state of our being. By embracing a mindset of openness and trust in the universe, we become more attuned to the signs that show up to guide us on our journey. This shift in perspective has allowed me to find a deeper sense of peace and clarity.

I encourage you to consider your own relationship with signs and wonders and how they may be guiding you on your unique path of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Embracing the power of signs can offer a profound shift in your perspective, leading to a deeper connection with your inner wisdom and the world around you.

Directly to you

I was taught that the divine communicates in a way that resonates with you. When signs appear on your journey, they may be subtle, yet meaningful. Even if they seem overwhelming or unclear, be open to them and embrace the experiences. Be grateful,  say thank you and add them to your journey. Over time it will all make sense. Share your experiences with signs using #reflect. If you don't feel like typing today, take a moment and reflect on a "signs time" and use #reflection in the comments.  We are building a community, so you are: helping to build the community and doing the work for yourself.. ....Your reflections can help with it all.  We never know how our words affects in one another.

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