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How I came to be a hairstylist as a profession

I am a person who will think things up, down, all around and about everything twice! So one would think/assume creating a blog for my website/business would be simple. A topic I live, breath, and make a living on and I can’t think of one element to speak about or even expound upon! But to no avail, in other words, I do not want it to feel like homework, or involve so much explaining, where myself and the readers are just “over it!” I wanted something that would allow me to put out a great piece of content, and people love it without giving too much of myself. I see now that that was the very problem. Just like with hair, I needed to plan out what I wanted to say and dedicate the amount of time needed to it with love. Nothing to do with the money, just the satisfaction of making others feel better and doing my best, the monetary aspect is icing on the cake. In this case, the equivalent would be to give people something they want to read and keep them coming back to check out more.

So jumping right in let’s talk about how I started doing hair as a career. A great starting place, right? The story is short, simple and a blessing/life event that unfolded and was NOT fun! I was let go from two jobs within one year. I had always done hair, my own, my family and a few friends. I would not let them refer me to others, and I wasn’t charging anything or much outside of what would now constitute as a tip. Hair was NEVER anything I wanted to do full-time, until, the first job, which I loved and KNEW I’d retire from, downsized. Of course, I was the last one hired, so the first one fired. Simple. I received a severance check but I swear I’d rather that I had the position. The second life changing event was while at college and working a job I wanted to keep for two reasons, the first, because I loved everything about the duties and the job itself. The other because, I’d be able to continue my education, and that of my children, because their college education (when of age) would be free. Needless to say, I was in it for the long haul! However life and destiny, quickly let me know there was another plan.

My boss, the Director of our department accepted another position out of state. My worry here was, “will I like the new boss?” But that quickly changed to, “what am I going to do now?” I just went through the searching-for-a-job, race!” What no one knew was, they were absolving the department, and all employees were going to other departments, all except me. I was an assistant, and everyone already had one of those. So, another job gone. I received another severance check, and the company reassured me I’d be eligible for unemployment. I then decided, I would work my given talents and never be fired, let go, or starting new, again! This how I became a professional, licensed, business owner.

See you on my next post. I wish I could tell you it will be about hair for sure, but the way my brain is set up! Smile.

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